Have You Got What It Takes?

A non-stop 33 hour, 3 stage guided challenge.

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On December 2nd 2023, have you got what it takes?
Sole Entrants – You will not sleep and only be given 1 hour rest between each stage.
Teams of 3 –  You will each select your chosen stage and must complete to succeed!
  • Stage 1 – A guided 42km walk at a hard pace where you only have 11 hours to finish the stage.
  • Stage 2 – A 42km tyre pulling challenge through the night where you only have 8 hours to finish the stage.
  • Stage 3 – A further 47km guided walk at a strong pace where you only have 12 hours to finish the stage.
You will commence in the dark and for many, finish in the dark!

Each participant will have a GPS tracker attached to their backpack. This is a great opportunity for friends, loved ones, or even charity supporters to watch and track your progress through the event.

The challenge is created to test the very best of you and it is not only about physical fitness but more fundamentally around mental toughness, tenacity, resilience and the desire to achieve something very special.

Why is it called The TMB Challenge?

The event is part of Walking With My Bear where we often speak about “Taming You Bear” from a mindset perspective. Your bear is your unconscious mind and ultimately influences your fight or flight response. We believe if you can truly control your mind, you can control your bear from within.

Sometimes in life we can be faced with challenges where we have to dig deep and push through hard times whether physical or mentally.

This challenge is a testament to every participant’s desire to achieve beyond their perceived limits.

A Challenge like no other …

If you’re curious about Walking With My Bear, checkout the website www.walkingwithmybear.com

Have you got what it takes?

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The Event Overview

Whether you enter individually or as a team of 3 with each member selecting their chosen stage of the challenge, The TMB Challenge is a challenge with a difference.

It will challenge you physically, but it will also challenge you mentally.

What’s important about the challenge is that you’ll be accompanied by mountain leaders , professionals to support you on your journey throughout this 33 hour challenge.

The leaders will also be able to coach you, to talk to you about the mindset you have, and how the challenge is affecting you mentally.

We want you to succeed not just in this challenge, but in life and taking part in this challenge will help you to address the areas where you feel your mindset is not right, to make you stronger throughout the rest of your life.

Why is this challenge different?

It’s different because you’ll be helped and supported, not just physically but mentally throughout the course of this journey that you take.

It’s going to be tough, but we want you to succeed, and it’s not just about having the physical prowess, but the mental prowess to address the challenges along the way. To look at things differently when you are tired, but also to motivate yourself and your team mates.

Stage 1

All participants will be split into groups of 10 where a Mountain Leader will guide them on the challenge.

7am Start.

If you are late, you’ll miss your entry into the stage as you will not be allocated into a group. You will be guided on a 42km route which includes the Edale Skyline taking in the breathtaking views. You will be responsible for your own admin, nutrition and hydration, clothing and backpack whilst on the route.

There will be a check points on route to provide water filling in your hydration bottles/bladders. Your target is to ensure you are back within the cut off times. You must return to Stage finish check point by 6pm.

6pm-7pm You rest, eat and sort your admin out!

Stage 2

7pm Start.

You will set off pulling a tyre covering 42kms around Derwent, Howden and Ladybower reservoirs.

A unique setting that allows you to pull your tyre safely on paths, private roads etc whilst taking in the sounds of nature. If it is a clear night, you’ll see the stars in their abundance as you walk enjoying the moonlight setting.

You will continue through the night with an 8 hour cut off.

For many of you, this is where not only your fitness needs to be strong, but most importantly, you will face your mindset and this is when the challenge starts to take effect.

You’ll be tired, slightly exhausted, hungry, missing your bed and maybe loved ones. All the while knowing you have a further stage to complete.

If the weather is bad, you could be experiencing restricted views due to fog, rain and wind impairing your vision with only the headlamps of others around you and the sound of tyres being dragged.

You’ll need to keep your focus and mind in a great place.

You must have completed the 42km tyre pulling challenge within 8 hours which means your cut off time is 3am.

3am – 4am You rest and sort your admin out!

Stage 3

4am Start.

This is a 12 hour Guided challenge.

You will once again be put into groups of 10 with a designated mountain leader. Head torches on, you will set off up onto the peak district through challenging terrain. Your primary objective is to keep with the pace of the group leader.

At no point can you go ahead of your group leader. Your safety is paramount. If we don’t know where you are, this causes challenges sending a team of specialist to find and recover you.

There will be check points on route at key locations to refuel with fluid. Your target is to ensure you are back within the cut off times set out. You must return by 4pm to remain within The TMB Challenge conditions.

Once you reach the finish line you will be greeted with warmth, hot meal, drink and snacks knowing that you have completed what very few will be able to complete having Tamed Your Bear.

And of course, you’ll be awarded your medal/s of achievement and finishers T-shirt.

Have you got what it takes?

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