Why is The TMB Challenge different to any other challenge event out there?

3 categories of participants.

1/   Sole entrants – aiming to complete all 3 stages within rules allowed.

2/   Teams of 3 – Each team member must select which stage they will complete.

These participants can be either friend/colleagues looking for a challenge. 

There are 2 reasons for encouraging companies to enter a team of 3:– 

  • A team building experience with unique transferrable skills that can be applied into not only the workplace, but also life!
  • Team building with a company Charity fundraising experience where we will promote your fundraising campaign.

3/   Charity Fundraisers – These can be sole entrants or teams of 3 where each team member selects their chosen stage where we will promote your fundraising campaign.

So why is The TMB Challenge different to any other challenge event out there?

The challenge is geared and structured to support participants to go beyond their comfort zones both mentally and physically providing transferable skills that can be applied to life and business with specialist trained team members.

  1. Physical Aspects – Many people don’t ever achieve their true potential unless a life changing event occurs in some way or another. It’s not until they do something they thought was initially impossible that highlights what they can truly achieve to which they go and do something extraordinary in other aspects of life.

Not only will our mountain leaders support each participant throughout the challenge, The TMB Challenge has collaborated with an ex Royal Marine Commando – Jamie Archer. 

Jamie, an Endurance & Adventure Performance Coach and Performance Osteopath providing unique training programs that can provide up to date progress reports on not only individual, but also team training progress leading up to the event through a unique web app and online training program.

Participants will also have opportunity to enrol for training programs which will be led by Jonathan Kattenberg and Jamie Archer on a face-to-face basis which will include aspects of fitness, techniques and mindset.

  • Mental Aspects– Many people allow life experiences and both internal and external influences impact on their state of mind. 

A prime example for many, is their initial response when considering the perceived enormity for a sole entrant of The TMB Challenge, or even the thought of pulling a tyre for 42 km’s. 

What if an individual’s mindset perceived The TMB Challenge as achievable? 

Imagine the transferable beliefs that can be applied to work and life and the things they can overcome and achieve through this unique journey?

All participants leading up to The TMB Challenge will have access to group online sessions where we explore mindset programming, how we are influenced, what our Locus of Control is and why this is important to understand how it influences our decisions in life and business. 

How we can truly Navigate Our Future with a powerful mindset that removes all limiting beliefs, phobias etc and ultimately empowers an individual with improved mental resilience, tenacity, and focus.

During The TMB Challenge, All participants will be supported by all crew, especially when things get tough.

A key objective for The TMB Challenge is to empower all participants to achieve their very best in life by utilising the training and experience of participation through the event.

Jonathan (Founder of The TMB Challenge & Walking With My Bear) believes this provides a unique team building experience for key individuals within any company having not only participated but also delivered on team building events throughout the years.

Is 6 months enough to be ready for such a challenge?

To provide an initial insight to Jonathan’s experience, Not only is Jonathan an active mountain leader, but he’s also a clinical hypnotherapist, life & wealth coach, course creator and trainer on subject matters about mindset and life planning delivered amongst the outdoors. That said, a key example of what is achievable, in 2021 he also completed 1,053 miles unsupported using his legs in under 13 days and stayed outside until it was completed. A testament to his mindset and physical abilities for endurance.

In 2015, Jonathan completed the infamous Marathon Des Sables, 6 months before he completed his first official marathon and 4 months prior completed his first 84-mile ultra-marathon before setting off to compete to be amongst the elites. Imagine having a mindset that can pursue life and business goals with this level of focus and determination?

To answer the question – Yes, we believe if you have enough desire to achieve, anything is possible in life and business.

In our next article, we will cover more detail about Jamie Archer and his training programs.

Between Jonathan and Jamie, participants will have exceptional support and training available.

The TMB Challenge is the first of 12 events that will ultimately be run through the course of each year going forward, with each event offering something different.

If you want to know more about how to enrol for The TMB Challenge and our training programs, email contact@walkingwithmybear.com.