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Click here to complete and submit your initial application form, so we can progress your TMB Challenge journey.

During the application process we will respectfully review your medical status, plus event/long distance experience to ensure you are suitable for this type of challenging event.

On successful application, you will be sent a Terms Conditions and Waiver document to complete and required to pay at least the deposit in advance to secure your place. Only on receipt of your deposit being at least 50% of full event fee being received will your place be secured.

Full event fee must be paid no later than 4 months before the event start date.

If you do not pay the full amount by no later than 4 months before the event start date, your place will be forefit and you will lose your 50% event fee payment as per cancellation terms and conditions.

  • Please note: If you are applying within 4 months of the start date, full payment will be required to secure your entry following successful application.

Will I have to provide medical information on my medical form?

Part of your joining application will include a medical declaration. Throughout this part of the application form, you will be verifying you are fit and able to take on such a challenge.

We are all adults and it is your responsibility to be mature and honest about your medical state.

If you have an underlying medical condition that could potentially cause problems during your participation on the event, you will need to notify us and also provide a letter from your GP or medical specialist confirming that you are fit to participate.

If you falsely declare, withold medical information which becomes apparent either during the lead up to the event, during registration or throughout the event, you will automatically be disqualified and removed from the event at the earliest convenient point at the vairous checkpoints.

This is a challenging event that requires participants to be in good health with no underlying medical conditions that could put not only your own life but also the support team lives at risk.

How much does it cost?

For single participants the fee is £495. A minimum deposit of £250 of the Challenge fee is non-refundable which secures your entry.

For teams of 3 whether charity fundraising teams or not, the TMB Challenge fee is £250 per individual team member. Minimum non-refundable deposit to secure entry is £375 for the team.

What do I get for my entry fee?

  • Full Mountain Leader Support throughout the challenge
  • Onsite event medics/1st aid responders
  • Access to sport physiotherapists between each stage.
  • Food between each stage – We will provide a meat and a vegetarian option. If you are vegetarian, please state on your application.
  • Medal for stage finishers
  • The TMB Challenge unique finishers t-shirt
  • Full event rescue/recovery
  • For fundraising participants, we’ll promote your fundraising campaign on all our social media.
  • You’ll be fitted with a GPS tracker on the event so all your followers can watch your journey.

Participation in an extremely well organised safe event that will no doubt challenge you.


Due to the time, infrastructure and financial outlay to prepare the challenge for the best possible experience, when booking/securing your place, an initial admin fee will be taken from the fee.

No Later than 4 months to start date – 50% refund provided if you notify us of being unable to attend no later than 4 months before the event.

No later than 3 months to start date – 25% refund provided of full application fee.

No Later than 2months to start date – 10% refund provided of full application fee.

If 2 months of earlier to start date you cancel, you will forefit your whole application fee.

We look forward to welcoming you on The TMB Challenge

If you wish to print off a manual application for registration, or a Terms Conditions and Waiver document for completion, please click on the relevant buttons.

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