Meet The Team – Jamie Archer

Jamie Archer 

We want you to meet Jamie, who has joined The TMB Team as a Mountain Leader and as one of the key trainers available to all participants. He will be there to support you both at the event and in your preparation leading up to the event. 

Here is a little from Jamie:

“Hi, Im Jamie and I love a challenge. I keep busy doing a variety of activities: I am a specialist MSK osteopath, run a coaching business working with endurance athletes, instruct on Bear Grylls survival courses and guide in the mountains.

I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and go beyond what they think is possible. The mountains are a great place for this and provide the ideal environment to build fitness, resilience and confidence.

I have been guiding and leading in the mountains for many years and have operated in extreme and hostile environments around the world as a former Royal Marines Commando, however of all the places I have been you just cannot beat a nice walk followed by tea and cake in the Lake District.

It’s great to be part of the TMB challenge team. This unique challenge will push you to your limits, require you to dig deep, forge strong bonds with others and show you that you can achieve great things.

A top tip: always have a roll of black masking tape (‘’Harry Maskers’’) in your kit, it will patch up or fix just about anything when out in the elements.”

As you can see, Jamie certainly brings immense value to The TMB Challenge team – be sure to share some cake with him when you meet him!

In addition to guiding participants during the event Jamie will be delivering optional online training packages. The training packages are app-based and will enable Jamie to coach participants on their training for the event, monitor progress and, of course, provide encouragement when needed.

The app is available for both individuals and teams entering the Challenge. 

Why are we offering this unique training support?

Most event organisers/providers do not offer detailed support with regards to preparing for an event. Most simply state, for example, that clients need to be able to trek for 8hrs a day carrying 20kgs or offer a very general programme. 

Our aim in offering bespoke training is to take away the guess work, and perhaps fear, that participants may have around training and preparing for this event.  We want participants to enjoy this challenge, to learn about themselves and to reach the finish line with a smile on their face.  Helping them to prepare will be a key factor in achieving a successful outcome.

If you are an organisation with a team of individuals entering the challenge, training together can also offer a valuable experience in terms of team collaboration and working towards a common goal. 

So how can Jamie and his training program help you prepare? 

Once participants have registered for The TMB Challenge and wish to join the training groups, individuals will receive communication will be invited to download the TRAINHEROIC app (this is the platform that Jamie’s programme will be delivered through).

Participants whether sole or teams of 3 will undergo Physical Preparation for their training package which is split into 4 key stages;

1 – Information gathering specific for training towards The TMB Challenge  

This stage builds provides clarity and an understanding of what your training journey may require.

2 – Initial Testing of your physical abilities;

This provides a deeper understanding of your physical state at present.

3 – Programme Design 

Specific programmes delivered in 4-week blocks through the app to your smartphone or device that are geared towards your personal requirements. 

An example image below shows how the app provides key information for participants.  Importantly it can also provide motivational updates on how training is progressing.

This is a great opportunity for company teams focusing on a team building experience, or fundraisers looking to use their progress to motivate and inspire others.

4 – Participant support

Participants can have the peace of mind that they are being coached by experienced specialists as they progress through their training.

If you would like to know more, please email to find out how we can support you, your company or your charity fundraising team train for success in The TMB Challenge.

Warmest wishes

The TMB Challenge.