Minimum equipment requirement for participants

  • Quality Walking boots for stages 1 & 3 – Due to the terrain and conditions, we will not allow trail
    shoes or trainers
  • Trainers/sports shoes are allowed for Stage 2
  • Walking Trousers and appropriate outdoor wear
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Waterproof Jacket

(Please note: softshell trousers and jackets are not full waterproof garments. If you turn up without
a taped seam waterproof jacket and trousers or expect to participate in a pair of shorts, You Will Not Be Allowed to participate and lose your joining fee without any refund)

  • Spare warm layer
  • Gloves
  • Warm Hat
  • SunglassesFood/snacks
  • Water bottles/hydration bladder
  • Emergency foil blanket
  • Quality head torch with spare batteries to last 33 hours
  • Suitable backpack to carry on each stage all mandatory kit/equipment. Please Note; a GPS tracker will be attached to your backpack ready for your participation during the registration/kit check on arrival.

Please note that many head torches do not last long periods of time. You must have spare batteries in your pack at all times.

If you are found not having a working head torch, this will result in you potentially being removed from the stage.

The UK weather is unpredictable in November & December, so it is vital you not only wear, but have appropriate clothing and mandatory kit in your backpack at all times. A small kit bag can be stored at the start/finish point of each stage if you wish to have a change of clothing and extra snacks waiting for you.

Harness and Tyre

Stage 2 requires you to pull a tyre for 42km. The tyre size must be 215/60/16

The most effective way of pulling a tyre is by way of harness and rope.

If you do not have a harness, rope and tyre, for a small fee, we can provide suitable equipment and tyre for the event.

Please get in touch if you need to hire a harness, rope and tyre or advice and guidance on options where to purchase any kit as we will have agreements and discounts with quality brands and stores to support any purchases.

Optional Kit

  • Walking Poles – A good set of walking poles can become a valuable asset to long distance walking challenges, and more so for when you are pulling a tyre!
  • Change of clothing, socks and extra gloves for each stage.
  • Whilst we will provide hot meals, drinks and snacks throughout the event, if you have a personal preference towards your desired snacks, you may wish to bring your own nutrition.

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