Why The TMB Challenge is split into 3 stages.

The Background

As I continue to enjoy and embrace guiding clients on certain long-distance events/challenges whilst empowering individual’s overcome mental health challenges, I wanted to create a platform for people to go beyond their comfort zones.

A platform that I believe is a safe place to address their mental wellbeing whilst becoming empowered through physical challenges amongst the outdoors.

What better a way I feel than to create a multi-stage challenge where each participant will have full support throughout the event.

Let’s have a look.

Stage 1 – 42km Guided walk – “A time for reflecting on your own journey of life!”

I chose the Edale skyline for the majestic Derbyshire Peaks.

An undulating journey with stunning views in all directions. 

A bit like a life full of rollercoaster moments!

The walk starts with a quick ascent for the first 20 minutes which then descends before beginning the next ascent onto Crookstone Out Moor. A section of the route that will certainly open your lungs!

As you walk along the skyline you walk past wind shaped stones, passing through Fords you’ll hopefully have views over Edale Valley as you continue towards Brown Knoll once you pass the turning for Jacobs Ladder. 

Jacobs Ladder is a turning point that can represent a metaphorical exit route if you’re finding your initial stage of the challenge too demanding.

Often a representation of an individual’s low level of resilience, tenacity, and emotional drive to achieve, which for many can also create justification for excuses why they should exit.

Yes, it’s a key point to take a break and reflect, but not too long a break because if you spend too much time reflecting, you could lose precious time to meet your goal waiting ahead – Your 11-hour cut-off.

Shortly after passing Brown Knoll, you begin the lovely walk along Rushup Edge on to Mam Tor with stunning views towards Back Tor and Loose Hill. All the while enjoying in the amazing countryside whilst you fill your water bottles at the checkpoint and grab much need snacks.

As you descend Loose Hill into Hope, you cross a quite country road before a quick ascent with your guide taking you on to Win Hill. Don’t forget to look back over the Edale Skyline as you stand on the top of Win Hill!

It’s not long before you begin a quick descent down to Ladybower reservoir where you walk along enjoying the calm waters.

Before you know it, you’re walking towards the amazing reservoir turret towers with a hot meal and drink ready and waiting.

The time allowed is 11 hours to complete this stage whilst being guided through the route with a 1-hour rest before the 7pm start for Stage 2.

Often in life we can be held back given what we carry with us. For some, you could be pursuing your goals and dreams, working hard on achieving our desired outcomes but with super channelled vision. 

I always ask clients, whilst I encourage not to dwell on the past, do we spend enough time sense checking, reflecting, and acknowledging our great achievements, or sometimes it could be reflection on what good looks like, what changes or adjustments do we need to make?

Stage 1 is geared to help you reflect on your journey. A stage that supports you analyse your journey up to the present moment and what good looks like.

For some, questions may begin to arise from within your mind….

You’ll have the full support of our amazing team who will be ready and at hand to help you explore your thoughts actions and feelings.

Stage 2 – 42Km tyre pull – “A metaphorical period for pulling your challenges, limiting belief’s, business and personal life matters.”

It’s 7pm and you have an 8-hour window to pull your tyre around the chosen route.

This is your chance to “Tame Your Bear”.

A route that is part tarmac and part gravel with a few undulating sections.

This stage isn’t really about fitness, but now becomes more about what’s going on in your mind.

The first 20 minutes for many will involve loosening your legs after the 42 km walk earlier in the day if you’re taking on all 3 stages. If it’s your only chosen stage given your part of a team of 3, you’ll be probably taming your nerves and relaxing into the stage. 

Nutrition and hydration will be key to ensure your longevity and success in this stage.

After 20kms you may begin to feel the effects of pulling a tyre. You may begin to start feeling tired (no pun intended!) as you’ll probably be hitting the midnight point on your adventure. 

As you approach the 8-hour cut-off at 3am, it becomes a moment of time for reflection of what you have been pulling through life and maybe it’s time to let go.

The whole principle of pulling the tyre is to help you understand, what have you been dragging with you in life and what will you be letting go of for your next stage in life!

You may succumb to a realisation you’re not performing at your best, or you may even attain a realisation that you’ve been performing in life with amazing results, yet now feel you have even more to achieve!

Stage 3 – 47km Guided Walk – Released from everything that has been holding you back, you’re now ready to go onto something you want to achieve!

It’s 4am, your tired, potentially exhausted but with one key element to consider. 

If this is your chosen stage as part of a team, you’ve taken the baton to ensure all your team’s hard work is continued towards success.

You have been freed from your past having the tyre pulling stage successfully completed, to now go on to achieve an amazing 47km through the early hours of the morning across challenging peak district terrain guided by your amazing mountain leader. 

Your head torch now lights up the journey ahead with likeminded people.

Your mind and body filled with a sense of freedom with a realisation you do not have a tyre attached to your waist to pull around.

As the walks ascends towards Margery Hill from Derwent Dam, you’ll be faced with typical UK December early morning weather. An unpredictable time yet filled with determination to achieve you goal as you watch your footing amongst Howden Edge.

Leaving Margery Hill, you’ll be heading in a north westerly direction with a hopeful sunrise arising from behind as you continue along towards Featherbed Moss. 

If the weather is true to form, the ground will be soft, muddy and with lots of puddles along your way. In a metaphorical way, this can symbolise your determination to achieve your goals even though the path you take can potentially seem challenging. 

As you head towards Bleaklow stones, you’ll be led through tricky terrain with peat-based trenches that twist and turn leaving you potentially disoriented. A resemblance of how life can be as you pursue the life you desire through trials and tribulations.

A moment for rest for reflection and a quick snack before approaching your morning checkpoint.

A great opportunity to bring your vision into play whilst sense checking your milestone marker.

As you arrive at your checkpoint, snacks and fluids will be ready. Refreshing energy drinks will be at hand before you head towards Mill Hill and Kinder.

You now leave the checkpoint and head onto High Peak towards Mill Hill. Maybe unaware that all around you are historic plane crash sites where pilots have struggled with their navigation in tricky terrain and weather. If only they had a navigator that could have guided them through the tricky conditions

This can often resemble an individual’s strategy plan in life and business when checkpoints, milestone markers and success models are not reviewed on a regular basis.

Only this time, your allocated mountain leader has the potential to be your metaphorical future self-guiding you to success!

Approaching Kinder, you head towards Kinder Downfall.

Another great metaphorical opportunity to cement your focus on your journey – Your guide knows the way. 

To clarify within your own mind that you can reflect and adjust your journey in life to support an amazing journey ahead with your future-self guiding you.

From Kinder Downfall, you take the old Pennine way route towards Crowden Tower through Edale Moor.

You’ll be faced with many sections with limited vision, streams of water that you will walk through which supports your focus to trust in your journey knowing your mindset is geared for success.

It’s as if your mountain leader represents your newfound future-self guiding you on the next stage of your journey, you allow yourself to trust in your future aims, goals and aspirations.

As you begin the final section along the skyline heading east, you will see Mam Tor, Back Tor, Loose Hill and Win Hill on your right across the valley.

Before you know it, you’ll be heading towards the final 100 metres to the finish point to receive your much deserved medal, Challenge T shirt and goodie bag.

Whilst receiving the medal is an amazing moment whether individually or collectively as a team, the true reward will be yourself awareness of the enormous achievements you have just accomplished and your inner-self able to guide you on the next stage of your journey of life.

An achievement that has so many transferrable skills to other aspects of life and business.

A reflection of the metaphorical journey:

The metaphor of the mountain leader can ultimately relate to the trust in your current and future self-guiding you on your journey.

Stage 1 – The mountain leader helps you navigate your past and present, a time to reflect, decide what you will let go of and what your driver is to go forward.
Stage 2 – You will be pulling everything you wish to let go of, but also a time to reflect on your mindset and can you really “Tame Your Bear”.
Stage 3 – You will have taken the decision to release yourself from any mental baggage and build your confidence so that you can go onto to achieve amazing things in life, even when times may seem tough.

You’ll aim to attain a sense that your future self within you is ready to guide you on the next stage of your journey no matter your past! 

Empowered to pass through challenging terrain to go onto achieve your goals and dreams.

If you would like to discuss how you or a team from your organisation or charity would like to take on The TMB Challenge, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit www.thetmbchallenge.com for more information.

Warmest wishes

Jonathan Kattenberg

Founder of The TMB Challenge

Why is The TMB Challenge different to any other challenge event out there?

3 categories of participants.

1/   Sole entrants – aiming to complete all 3 stages within rules allowed.

2/   Teams of 3 – Each team member must select which stage they will complete.

These participants can be either friend/colleagues looking for a challenge. 

There are 2 reasons for encouraging companies to enter a team of 3:– 

  • A team building experience with unique transferrable skills that can be applied into not only the workplace, but also life!
  • Team building with a company Charity fundraising experience where we will promote your fundraising campaign.

3/   Charity Fundraisers – These can be sole entrants or teams of 3 where each team member selects their chosen stage where we will promote your fundraising campaign.

So why is The TMB Challenge different to any other challenge event out there?

The challenge is geared and structured to support participants to go beyond their comfort zones both mentally and physically providing transferable skills that can be applied to life and business with specialist trained team members.

  1. Physical Aspects – Many people don’t ever achieve their true potential unless a life changing event occurs in some way or another. It’s not until they do something they thought was initially impossible that highlights what they can truly achieve to which they go and do something extraordinary in other aspects of life.

Not only will our mountain leaders support each participant throughout the challenge, The TMB Challenge has collaborated with an ex Royal Marine Commando – Jamie Archer. 

Jamie, an Endurance & Adventure Performance Coach and Performance Osteopath providing unique training programs that can provide up to date progress reports on not only individual, but also team training progress leading up to the event through a unique web app and online training program.

Participants will also have opportunity to enrol for training programs which will be led by Jonathan Kattenberg and Jamie Archer on a face-to-face basis which will include aspects of fitness, techniques and mindset.

  • Mental Aspects– Many people allow life experiences and both internal and external influences impact on their state of mind. 

A prime example for many, is their initial response when considering the perceived enormity for a sole entrant of The TMB Challenge, or even the thought of pulling a tyre for 42 km’s. 

What if an individual’s mindset perceived The TMB Challenge as achievable? 

Imagine the transferable beliefs that can be applied to work and life and the things they can overcome and achieve through this unique journey?

All participants leading up to The TMB Challenge will have access to group online sessions where we explore mindset programming, how we are influenced, what our Locus of Control is and why this is important to understand how it influences our decisions in life and business. 

How we can truly Navigate Our Future with a powerful mindset that removes all limiting beliefs, phobias etc and ultimately empowers an individual with improved mental resilience, tenacity, and focus.

During The TMB Challenge, All participants will be supported by all crew, especially when things get tough.

A key objective for The TMB Challenge is to empower all participants to achieve their very best in life by utilising the training and experience of participation through the event.

Jonathan (Founder of The TMB Challenge & Walking With My Bear) believes this provides a unique team building experience for key individuals within any company having not only participated but also delivered on team building events throughout the years.

Is 6 months enough to be ready for such a challenge?

To provide an initial insight to Jonathan’s experience, Not only is Jonathan an active mountain leader, but he’s also a clinical hypnotherapist, life & wealth coach, course creator and trainer on subject matters about mindset and life planning delivered amongst the outdoors. That said, a key example of what is achievable, in 2021 he also completed 1,053 miles unsupported using his legs in under 13 days and stayed outside until it was completed. A testament to his mindset and physical abilities for endurance.

In 2015, Jonathan completed the infamous Marathon Des Sables, 6 months before he completed his first official marathon and 4 months prior completed his first 84-mile ultra-marathon before setting off to compete to be amongst the elites. Imagine having a mindset that can pursue life and business goals with this level of focus and determination?

To answer the question – Yes, we believe if you have enough desire to achieve, anything is possible in life and business.

In our next article, we will cover more detail about Jamie Archer and his training programs.

Between Jonathan and Jamie, participants will have exceptional support and training available.

The TMB Challenge is the first of 12 events that will ultimately be run through the course of each year going forward, with each event offering something different.

If you want to know more about how to enrol for The TMB Challenge and our training programs, email contact@walkingwithmybear.com.

Imagine a mind that does not fear taking on any challenge in life.

Ask yourself these two questions.

1 – Is having the ability to perform at endurance events all about fitness, or more about your mindset?

2- Can the experience gained from participating in a long-distance endurance event bring a transferrable skill that can be applied in other areas of life and business?

For many, the thought of taking on a multi-stage guided challenge covering a total distance of 131km’s on foot over 33 hours is just for the super fit! 

To then suggest part of the 131km’s will consist of 42km’s pulling a family car tyre is just too much and possible crazy.

But ask yourself, is it really too much or a state of mind?

Imagine having a mind that does not fear taking on such a challenge?

Let’s look at the challenge requirements.

For those of you who choose to participate as sole entrants, yes you must complete all 3 stages and not only will you not get any sleep, but you will also only be given 1 hour rest between each stage if you utilise the whole allowable time to complete.

For those who enter as a Team of 3 – You will each select your chosen stage and must complete to succeed!

Ok, so you need a little degree of fitness, but think of this scenario for a moment.

When reflecting on The TMB Challenge, your initial thought maybe that it is too much, but imagine for one second – Suddenly, you receive an urgent call and someone you love dearly is in danger and needs your help. 

You must drop everything and get to them…

Only you can help. 

The only thing is that you must walk to get to them.

In that instance, your heart and mind know no different and you make it happen. 

Walking 131km’s doesn’t even effect or remotely impact on your mind and heart questioning whether you can or can’t walk to your loved one. 

You just do it!


Because you are emotionally driven.

Imagine the potential you can achieve elsewhere in life and business if you knew how to tap into the power of emotional intent!

Know, bring your focus to the split-second belief within mind regarding the belief from within you that you can go and save your loved one, and transfer that emotional drive towards achieving something else in your life and business.

We believe for an individual participating in The TMB Challenge on their own, this will bring newfound levels of emotional drive, which can be transferable towards enhancing their inner drive to succeed in other areas of life and business.

Imagine if you have a team within your community or business that can learn how to tap into their emotional drive and desire to achieve anything.

As a team, each team member representing a charity, community or company holds a unique advantage of accountability and encouragement to their fellow team member resulting in a unique team building experience.

One of the objectives behind The TMB Challenge

Part of the aims and objectives within The TMB Challenge is to support and help empower participants mentally to learn how to tap into their emotional drivers to achieve other things in life and business.

This is evidence based backed by Jonathan the Founder of The TMB Challenge who completed 1,053 miles in 2021 on foot for a charitable cause, unsupported and remained outside until he completed the distance.

So, the question I ask now is, do you or your team have what it takes to take on The TMB Challenge?

If you wish to know more on how The TMB Challenge can support individuals and teams with their mindset, why not get in touch.

Warmest wishes

The TMB Challenge.