Imagine a mind that does not fear taking on any challenge in life.

Ask yourself these two questions.

1 – Is having the ability to perform at endurance events all about fitness, or more about your mindset?

2- Can the experience gained from participating in a long-distance endurance event bring a transferrable skill that can be applied in other areas of life and business?

For many, the thought of taking on a multi-stage guided challenge covering a total distance of 131km’s on foot over 33 hours is just for the super fit! 

To then suggest part of the 131km’s will consist of 42km’s pulling a family car tyre is just too much and possible crazy.

But ask yourself, is it really too much or a state of mind?

Imagine having a mind that does not fear taking on such a challenge?

Let’s look at the challenge requirements.

For those of you who choose to participate as sole entrants, yes you must complete all 3 stages and not only will you not get any sleep, but you will also only be given 1 hour rest between each stage if you utilise the whole allowable time to complete.

For those who enter as a Team of 3 – You will each select your chosen stage and must complete to succeed!

Ok, so you need a little degree of fitness, but think of this scenario for a moment.

When reflecting on The TMB Challenge, your initial thought maybe that it is too much, but imagine for one second – Suddenly, you receive an urgent call and someone you love dearly is in danger and needs your help. 

You must drop everything and get to them…

Only you can help. 

The only thing is that you must walk to get to them.

In that instance, your heart and mind know no different and you make it happen. 

Walking 131km’s doesn’t even effect or remotely impact on your mind and heart questioning whether you can or can’t walk to your loved one. 

You just do it!


Because you are emotionally driven.

Imagine the potential you can achieve elsewhere in life and business if you knew how to tap into the power of emotional intent!

Know, bring your focus to the split-second belief within mind regarding the belief from within you that you can go and save your loved one, and transfer that emotional drive towards achieving something else in your life and business.

We believe for an individual participating in The TMB Challenge on their own, this will bring newfound levels of emotional drive, which can be transferable towards enhancing their inner drive to succeed in other areas of life and business.

Imagine if you have a team within your community or business that can learn how to tap into their emotional drive and desire to achieve anything.

As a team, each team member representing a charity, community or company holds a unique advantage of accountability and encouragement to their fellow team member resulting in a unique team building experience.

One of the objectives behind The TMB Challenge

Part of the aims and objectives within The TMB Challenge is to support and help empower participants mentally to learn how to tap into their emotional drivers to achieve other things in life and business.

This is evidence based backed by Jonathan the Founder of The TMB Challenge who completed 1,053 miles in 2021 on foot for a charitable cause, unsupported and remained outside until he completed the distance.

So, the question I ask now is, do you or your team have what it takes to take on The TMB Challenge?

If you wish to know more on how The TMB Challenge can support individuals and teams with their mindset, why not get in touch.

Warmest wishes

The TMB Challenge.