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Event Owner/Principle – Jonathan Kattenberg

An active mountain leader and aspiring adventurer having spent time in the Sahara, Yukon, Alaska, Yukon and many other areas of the world, I created the event so individuals from mixed backgrounds could have a safe place to test their mind and body under challenging conditions.

You may be training for an ultra or long distance event, maybe looking for a challenge either individually or as a team of 3 for a bit of fun, or even looking for a unique challenge to take on so you can raise money for a great cause individually or as a team of 3.

When guiding clients on challenges such as National 3 Peaks and much more, one of the key elements of success is an individual’s mindset.

More often than not, when people have trained, the distance, terrain and their fitness isn’t the challenge, it’s their mindset that can get in the way, especially when they are experiencing tiredness and fatigue.

My Last Challenge

In April 2021 I set off to complete 1,000 miles pulling my expedition pulk on wheels around the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District Reservoirs.

Unfortunately due to loosing too much skin on my heels following a recent 120 mile tyre pulling virtual ultra 3 weeks prior, rather than quit due to the injuries on my heals, I split the distance between pulling my pulk on foot and utilising my mountain bike.

I stayed outside unsupported, preparing my own food, personal hygiene, sleeping in a tent, and keeping up to date with my admin as they say! The challenge took me 13 days to complete with some days being very long with little or no sleep. I covered 1,053 miles.

For me, my challenge was all about mindset and it was fun. This gave me the initial idea of a challenge that could be created like no other.

When I’m training in the area pulling my tyre, my training days can be up to 15 hours covering over 40-50 miles unsupported, so I’m not asking anyone to do anything I can’t do myself on The TMB Challenge! The question you have to ask yourself is – Do you have what it takes?

Although I’m an active qualified mountain leader, mindset troubleshooter, and also planing to break a South Pole world record in 4 years time, I appreciate not everyone has my training nor experience to safely take on such challenges in life.

Therefore, I wanted to create a safe unique guided challenge for individuals in a beautiful setting who are looking for their next big challenge having completed a Yorkshire or National 3 Peaks, maybe completed a triathlon, marathon, ultra marathon or even maybe training to pull a pulk in arctic conditions.

But with the peace of mind that a team of highly skilled and experienced mountain leaders, medical team and support crew will provide assurance and guidance throughout the event to allow you to test yourself beyond your limits.

Safety Management Team

Experienced in many areas of life and qualified mountain leaders, they are approachable, knowledgeable and ultimately want you to succeed.

Please Note:

Should the Safety Management Team have to make the tough decision to withdraw you, their decision is final!

If they have to make a decision to withdraw you from the challenge, they are only making the call for your best interest and naturally for safety reasons. This is no ordinary challenge. It is both physically and mentally challenging in every sense. Do not underestimate the enormity of what you will be taking on in this challenge.

The Mountain Leader Team

Consists of a specialist trained group of Mountain Leaders who not only know the area, but have
a vast experience of guided challenges in all types of weather.

Whilst most Mountain Leaders hold up to date outdoor 1st aid training, our team have key experience in working with participants in challenging conditions under duress and expert navigators in harsh weather conditions.

Medical Assistance Team

Although all the outdoor leaders working within The TMB Challenge have up to date outdoor first aid training, your safety is our priority. I therefore wanted to ensure a team of specialist experienced medical first aid responders and sports physio specialists are at ready and on call. They will be on call throughout the 33 hours and be present at various checkpoints.


You will be pushing yourself to the limit and for some going beyond your perceived limits.

Given the very nature of the terrain, injuries are a risk, dehydration and hyperthermia could be experienced by those who do not look after themselves during the challenge. Equally accidents can happen to anyone of us. I therefore want to ensure your safety is always at the top of our priorities.

Meet Jamie Archer – One of our approved trainers

Hi I’m Jamie and I love a challenge. I keep busy doing a variety of activities: I am a specialist MSK osteopath, run a coaching business working with endurance athletes, instruct on Bear Grylls survival courses and guide in the mountains. 

I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and go beyond what they think is possible. The mountains are a great place for this and provide the ideal environment to build fitness, resilience and confidence. 

I have been guiding and leading in the mountains for many years and have operated in extreme and hostile environments around the world as a former Royal Marines Commando, however to all the places I have been you just cannot beat a nice walk followed by tea and cake in the Lake District.

Its great to be part of The TMB Challenge team, this unique challenge will push you to of your limits, require you to dig deep, forge strong bonds with others and show you that you can achieve great things.

Top Tip: Always have a roll of black masking tape (‘’Harry Maskers’’) in your kit, it will patch up or fix just about anything when out in the elements. “

Have you got what it takes?

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